Identifying the Right Horizon

We hate the build it and they will come hype/gold rush mentality associated with social media marketing. It’s a false line on the horizon and many brands come up short thinking success is immediate and far-reaching.

Successful brand defining social media campaigns require a blend of the right platform, a stellar content marketing strategy, intelligent community management and engagement and an astute understanding of where your target market demographics “live” in the digital eco-system.

The increasing fragmentation and proliferation of social media platforms necessitates your brand concentrating its firepower on a finite number of platforms and communities. Deploying high quality content marketing initiatives resonating with the right targeted demographic to get “heard” above the growing noise levels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

We Build Brand Ambassadorship

Every social media marketing campaign we undertake utilizes front-end competitive intelligence analysis and reporting, an audit of your brand’s existing content marketing capabilities and ongoing community management services.

We focus on recruiting, motivating, encouraging and even cajoling others to become brand ambassadors within the right targeted social community. It’s all about creating and sharing cool content in context.

Our services are “a la carte,” with collaborative or managed services roles defined, a clear social platform strategy outlined via a formal proposal with well-defined costs, marketing attributes, goals and milestones.

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