Facebook Moves to Monetize Places

Facebook continues to drive innovative uses for its platform and community and more importantly, raise barriers to entry by launching new Applications and Services that diversify there all-encompassing social media brand! To that end, they’ve just announced a Deal Services yesterday for Places, giving advertisers access to and reach into Facebook’s 500 million strong community. [...]

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Succesfull Corporate Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is changing the marketing landscape for many corporations. It’s a Deadwood themed wild woolly west all over again, with no fixed rules, processes and systems in place for many organizations. Here’s our take and what I’ve recommended to clients we’ve helped to put together an effective Social Media Marketing Campaign: 1) Be [...]

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Naming your Startup

This post is an extrapolation of a question we answered via Quora’s excellent Social Platform built around answering questions, with social-enabled components. The original question was “What Should One Consider While Naming a Startup?”  Our recommendations: 1) Be Memorable  - is Google, Yahoo or Apple memorable? Depends on your assessments of these established brands. Apple [...]

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