Essential Copywriting for Online Traffic

Essential Copywriting for Online Traffic is critical to the success of any web site or blog. It is a specialized skill and essential copywriting for online traffic if done well will produce dividends in the form of Online Traffic, Brand Development, Search Engine Rankings, Engagement with your site visitors and more. This post will give you a 30K foot overview of effective copywriting techniques.

  1. People don’t read online  as they do offline, you want short declarative sentences that speak to the reader with a “WIFM” statement (what’s in it for me).
  2. Integrate good search engine copywriting by doing keyword research prior to writing your copy and then incorporate 2-3 keywords on a single page, with 1-3 times in lead paragraph if possible and 5-10% repetition for entire page.

  1. Use Section Headers that help to drive the reader’s attention into the copy (text) below the section headers - if possible include one or two of your keyword phrases in these as well.
  2. Be topical, passionate and you can even show some humor in your essential copywriting, depending on the type of site or Blog post - taking a strong position is a good thing; remember the old PR maxim about “as long as they are talking about you” negative or positive is not always important.
  3. Calls to action are great to incorporate; these can be in the form of offers, discounts, signing up for Blog, responding to a survey, beta testing and/or participating in a study.
  4. Incorporate images or graphs to break up your copy and to give the reader something that is visually attracting.
  5. Search engines look at copy differently than your viewer, if you want to emphasize copywriting for them you can underline, italicize or even bold your text to underscore it’s importance with Search Engines - the payoff is an increase in traffic via your copywriting.
  6. Linking out to other web sites is a good thing - this is good for search engine optimization and also affords you an opportunity to convey much more information to your visitor/reader. It’s counter intuitive to think linking out helps to drive more online traffic but au contrair it helps!
  7. Worried about copywriting plagiarism? If so then think about using CopyScape; they are the market leaders, have high value/low cost subscription model You’d be surprised, but there are a lot of unscrupulous characters who make a living “scraping” content from legitimate sites; this negatively impacts your brand and search engine ranking capabilities.
  8. There are a large number of apps that will let you easily let you copy online images, then modify and upload. The best product we know of is SnagIt - they have a 30 day trial offer and under $50. cost. No affiliate links here either, we just like the product

So, that’s our top ten tips for essential copywriting for online traffic. Here’s out call to action; if you have a copywriting challenge and need some help please call, Tweet or email us and we will give you a price quote in 24 hours for custom copywriting.