Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the practice of saving bookmarks that are publicly accessible via a web site such as Digg, Delicious Reddit, Stumbledupon, Mr. Wong and thousands of others.

  • A “bookmark” is done by creating and registering an account, enabling you to store bookmarks, add tags and/or choose to make your bookmarks public.

  • Visitors to the web site can search for resources, links, web sites, etc. via keyword, individual and/or popularity that reflect their interest.

  • These web sites are heavily trafficked – getting links (“bookmarks”) will drive immediate visibility for your web site, a long term opportunity for referrals back to your web site and backlinks that are also valuable for search engine optimization.

We have three pricing tiers:

  • 1,000. Social Bookmarks: $149. (7-10 days)

  • 2,000 Social Bookmarks $249. (1-2 weeks)

  • 5,000 Social Bookmarks $399. (2-4 weeks)

Social bookmarking is an accepted and legitimate search engine optimization method that is used by hundreds of thousands of marketers and brands to generate web site traffic and broader brand exposure.

Simply put, the more backlinks you have (via social bookmarking, link development, comment posts, etc.) the more popular your web site is, which in turn drives search engine rankings, incremental traffic, leads and sales.

Key Attributes of our Social Bookmarking Services:

  • The process is done manually (not via high volume automation processes) and we create a dedicated account for your business or use one of our own accounts.

  • We provide detailed reporting that provides a snapshot of the process after completion for each major group of social bookmarks that we generate.

  • We only use high authority web sites that have some page rank; some are “do follow” and some are “no follow,” which is consistent with accepted social bookmarking processes.

  • Our pricing is competitive and our customer service is excellent.

  • Turnaround time is typically 7-10 days (“white hat” social bookmarking requires time), depending on the volume of social bookmarks that you order.

  • If you order a larger volume of social bookmarks the turnaround time is defined in our graphic below.

  • We submit your primary home page URL and interior page URLs.

  • Titles and Descriptions can be randomized.