White Papers/Case Studies

White Papers

White Papers are positioning reports or long form documents with facts, figures, and Infographics about specific topics that inform the recipient in a compelling manner – they help to position your brand or business as a thought leader.

You provide the business exec or consumer with very specific information in exchange for their contact information and the “permission” to market to them on a long term basis.

White Papers can significantly lower your cost per lead metrics, have a long shelf life, and can be repurposed content that is advertised via PPC campaigns and across all social media accounts.

Case Studies

Case Studies are a great way to leverage your client success, while helping to validate your brand, products and/or services with web site visitors and consumers or business you are connected with socially.

The bottom line for formal Case Studies - they work as powerful lead generation tools and like White Papers, can be advertised via PPC campaigns, listed via your web site and cross promoted via all of your social media accounts.

How we use Case Studies and White Papers to Position Your Business as Experts

  • We setup a conference or Skype call with key stakeholders in your company to understand background issues, targeted demographics market focus and if your firm has supporting materials we can use as a referenceable resource.

  • Next: moving through a more intensive data collection and validation process that may also involve a review of direct competitors.

  • We write a formal draft of the Case Study or White Paper and then go through a formal evaluation process.

  • If need be, we go through 1-2 edit cycles and a formal last conf call to review the finished document and go to market activities.

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