About Us

Our Digital DNA has its roots in 1997 when Linked Media Group was founded by Lee Traupel as a SEO and web site design firm and has morphed into a global digital marketing agency with roots in the U.S., Europe and Asia based outside of Sacramento, California.

Fast forward to the present - Linked Media Group now creates online brand strategies, digital and social media marketing campaigns and revenue generation programs that leverage the power of digital marketing.

We are a passionate team of web designers, copywriters, editors, bloggers, technologists, marketing and analytics geeks who channel our creative thinking into revenue-producing campaigns for clients.

We Make Your Business Smarter and Better Connected

The “social media revolution” has fundamentally changed how businesses communicate and engage with consumers and other businesses. Our focus is on helping your businesses do two things: save money and get to market faster by helping you connect with and engage targeted social consumers, while measuring the results. Analyze and optimize - rinse and repeat.

What We Do

Branding and Positioning

Content Marketing Strategy and Development

Web Site Design

Social Media Marketing: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube

Graphics Design

Analytics and KPI Measurement

Social Media Advertising: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Search Engine Optimization 2.0