YouTube Marketing

YouTube Account Optimization

We believe in and know that online video marketing is a powerful marketing tool for our clients and we know how to successfully create, optimize and distribute videos!

YouTube Benefits

  • Over 2 Billion Videos are Viewed via YouTube each day - today’s Bandwidth Rich Web users are Embracing Video like never before

  • Get Ranked Quickly on Google using a YouTube Video – 55X times greater chance than with standard page (text)

  • Target Visitors who are Actively Researching Products and Services that relate to your Business

  • Target Customers with Keywords and Demographics

  • Significantly Improve Brand Awareness

Our YouTube SocialCast™ Optimization Services: $479. (Maximum of ten videos)

  • Create an accurate Account Description Coupled with individuals Title, Description and Tags that are distinctive and with embedded Keywords.

  • Build a 3-5 Playlists of popular videos related to your topics; this helps your videos get found on YouTube.

  • Build 300-500 backlinks to your YouTube Account, raising visibility and ensuring your videos will be found.

  • Include links in your Profile to other social media accounts.

  • Write a unique keyword rich description that includes a URL for each video; even if the visitor has the “more info” option collapsed the visitor will see the link.

  • Ensure Broadcast and Sharing Attributes are turned on in your Account Settings to drive views and interaction and invite Visitors to Subscribe to your videos.

  • Create or Select a compelling Thumbnail image for your videos that will resonate with the visitor and drive views.

We hope our prices resonate with you; if you are a smaller business or non-profit and are looking for assistance, but can’t afford this plan then contact us and we will set up a plan with less services.