Ad Copywriting

Our Ad copywriting helps your brand and message stand out from the crowd! Great Ad copywriting isn’t just about the message – it’s holistic marketing and the copy and consultation with your business (idea research) is just the start of the campaign.

Our focus is on writing great headlines and powerful ad copy that resonate with the targeted prospect while ensuring your business firing on all digital cylinders, with an integrated and automated lead management system.

By “holistic” we mean your web site content, contact forms, imaging, blog, social media account profiles and sales funnel (Autoresponders, Newsletter, Calls to Action) all have to work together seamlessly. Our focus is on more than just cool copywriting and provocative headlines.

Great Copywriting Engenders Results – Here’s how we do it!

  • Write compelling print ad copy that positions your business or brand for success and typically includes a sales funnel offer that drives visitors into your lead gen system.

  • Create Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns that reduce your Cost Per Click rates and drives lead generation – we use SpyFu’s service for competitive analysis and build small ad groups, with integrated keyword focused landing pages and ads.

  • Build eye catching creative banner ads that focus on the benefit for the viewer that generate more signal and less noise for your brand.

  • Write compelling ad copy that leverages and extends your existing brand positioning and messaging in a way that will resonate with the targeted consumer or business.

  • All campaigns include a formal post campaign review process with your business or marketing team that maps out what worked and how we can improve your advertising moving forward.