Marketing Strategy is Implicit in Every Facet of Your Business

That’s not a trite turn of the phrase. It’s perspective, based on market honed experience.

And, technology and marketing strategy are now tightly intertwined as never before. Web sites are passé – web businesses providing a total user experience across all devices, web, mobile and tablet are not!

You need an articulated brand strategy, telling a compelling story on the right social platform with persuasive content and a baked in sales funnel.

Our Services Typically Focuses on these Elements

  • Marketing Stack Build Out
  • Conversion Metrics Testing and Measurement
  • Comprehensive Analytics Audit
  • Content Strategy and Syndication
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design and User Experience

Sales Funnel Development

  • Persona Profile (not just demographics) & Customer Journey Mapping
  • Sales Funnel Build Out
  • Downstream Monthly Optimization & A/B Testing
  • Writing Calls to Action & Opt In Messaging
  • Content Development & Syndication
  • Installing and Configuring Apps, Platforms and Autoresponders

Note: Sales funnel development takes a minimum of three months time. It’s not a one off process, requires setup, review and rinse and repeat cycles.