Work with Me

My focus is on working closely with clients to create or improve an existing go to market strategy.

I work as a solo Digital Strategist for some clients and bring in a team of specialists to offer a broader suite of services, depending on the type of engagement. Each campaign is different but most involve these common digital touchpoints:

Digital Strategy: Product Marketing, Customer Identification,  Competitive Analysis, Go To Market Strategy Blending Social Media Marketing and Engagement. I try to identify what’s working for you, what isn’t how we fix your marketing strategy to shorten time to market and generate more leads and revenue.

  • Competitive Analysis & Positioning
  • Brand Identification & Positioning
  • Search Engine Rankings & Analysis
  • Brand Impacters & Advocates
  • Profiling your Customers

Content Development and Distribution: encompassing Web Site Content, Blog, Collateral, EMail Campaigns, and even PR.  We try to help you figure out what’s good and bad with your content, identify what Analytics or Performance Metrics are in place; then educate and mentor so you can improve, but typically help along the way.

  • Content Analysis & Strategy
  • Traffic Analysis and Throughput
  • Benchmark Metrics
  • Web Site and Blog Content
  • Video Strategy & Distribution

Social Media Marketing and Engagement: Identify what’s the optimum Social Communities for you to establish a presence and engagement with, typically starting with the big three: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and then suggest Applications and Platforms you may want to utilize. We identify who you should be engaging with and listening to  - core social media marketing is listening to and engaging your customers.

  • Messaging
  • Platform Strategy & Focus
  • Community Identification
  • Cross Promoting Your Content

Measurement and Analytics: Aligning your business strategy with performance, what’s working, what isn’t, where Traffic, Leads and Revenue are flowing from.

  • Social Reach
  • Web Site Traffic & Analytics
  • Social Sentiment Analysis
  • Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Analysis & Optimization
  • Engagement Analysis