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Why Common Sense Social Etiqutte Builds Brand & Engagment

The web and social platforms are littered with “magical advice” on making billions in seconds using social media. Much of it is a waste of time. Read no further: the “magic formula” for social media is primarily: being honest, not having an over reliance on tech, coupled with sound tactical marketing. Here’s a Short List […]

New Content Marketing Rules for Busy Brands Seeking Traction

In 2015 LinkedIn has emerged as the proverbial 200 pound gorilla in the content marketplace and expect them to morph to a GoPro media company at some point. Content marketing overall for 2015 will probably mirror what’s required for success on LinkedIn: recognizing it’s a crowded saturated world and publishing is critical to success, along […]

Images are Everything in today’s Content Smogged World

As we move forward into this new always on content drenched world standing out is increasing more difficult for traffic hungry brands. Original content and images are expensive to create and curate. To succeed you gotta take shortcuts to drive traffic and social engagement, while keeping in mind curation (selection) trumps mediocrity. New Rules of […]

Great Marketing is always Like a Torrid Love Affair

So many businesses believe past success determines their future. It’s an inherently dangerous assumption, especially in today’s billion dollar buffed and distracted world. Sales cycles are compressed as never before and barriers to entry are growing in parallel with opportunity. Great marketing is always going to blend passion, tech and process. It’s a pattern driven […]

Building a Productive Relationship with a Marketing Consultant or Digital Agency

Today’s always on smartphone drenched word is putting significantly greater pressure on businesses. Platform interoperability, content publishing, social channels, ROI and sales funnels, ad networks are all forcing infinite challenges on brands with finite resources. Most of you cannot get to market with sufficient impact to get heard without additional hires. Where’s the pain? What’s […]