Google Instant Search Analysis

Last week Google’s Marissa Mayer announced a new feature enhancement for Google’s Search via a live streaming hook up on YouTube (expect to see much more of the latter) branded as Instant Search. Google’s branding and positioning “search at the speed of thought” generated a tremendous amount of interest and comments in the Blogsphere and via Twitter, Facebook et al. Read more


Is Traditional SEO Dead?

Is it time to put a fork in the poor old SEO (Search Engine Optimization) bird that’s been maligned all these years by  posers, wannabees, hucksters who wanted to make a fast buck.

Lets face it, telling people you were in the SEO biz was a short cut to either dumbfounded looks (“what’s that?”)  or instant turn off, as they equated your skill set with Kurt Russel’s famous role in Used Cars. Read more

How to get search engine

How to Generate Search Engine Traffic

Executive Summary for How to Generate Search Engine Traffic: Write Keyword Rich Content, Incorporate Unique Title Tags for each Page, Build Quality Links back to site, Setup XML Site Map, Keep Page size under 100K, Cross link Interior Pages, Utilize Social Media to Generate Real Time Search Rankings.

How to Generate Search Engine Traffic - based on our ten years of experience in search engine optimization and online advertising:

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