How to Generate Search Engine Traffic

Executive Summary for How to Generate Search Engine Traffic: Write Keyword Rich Content, Incorporate Unique Title Tags for each Page, Build Quality Links back to site, Setup XML Site Map, Keep Page size under 100K, Cross link Interior Pages, Utilize Social Media to Generate Real Time Search Rankings.

How to Generate Search Engine Traffic - based on our ten years of experience in search engine optimization and online advertising:

  1. Make sure your search engine ranking processes are well integrated with web site design; do not let the web designer’s practices and processes overshadow good search engine optimization; it should be the other way around. Crack heads with designer geeks if they push back on incorporating search engine optimization best practices.
  2. Write keyword rich content that incorporates action words that is refreshed frequently; a WordPress Blog integrated with site is great way to update and keep content fresh and also engage readers.
  3. Page load times means how fast a page loads -  if possible keep the size of the page under 100K (including images) so it will load fast. You do not want a  lot of unnecessary HTML code weighing down your page - it can have a measurable impact on  search engine traffic.
  4. Incorporate Unique Titles for each page on your web site and incorporate these with your URL string and also use your H1 and Image Alt Tags to utilize same Keywords used in your Title.
  5. Generate quality links back into your web site - lots of ways to do this: Blog Posts, Writing Articles with embedded links, Exchanging Links, utilizing Social Media, etc.
  6. Utilize Google’s free  XML Site Map so search engines can keep track of your pages.
  7. Cross link between your pages; ensuring all pages are found and ranked by search engines.
  8. Link out from your site to other sites - this shows search engines that you are a quality site and builds credibility.
  9. Build an authority web site; meaning, the more pages you have with quality content that is refreshed continually the more search engine traffic you will generate. Google and other top tier search engines sites rank an authority web site differently from other sites.
  10. Incorporate Keyword Rich Social Media marketing to generate “real time” search results - we predict in 2011 that Google’s and Microsoft’s incorporating real time search results with traditional search will have significant impact on generating search engine traffic.

Follow these ten metrics and you will know how to generate search engine traffic!