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Successful Facebook Marketing Strategy

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Successful Facebook marketing strategy is in some ways very similar to Twitter, in that it’s all about publishing and sharing high quality content and engagement.   But, it does take more than high quality content, a good brand and engagement to be successful with Facebook Marketing. Please read on for details.

Facebook Content Strategy

Facebook is like any other social media marketing platform (Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr) - you want to share and aggregate the best content that you can create, including video and images. The greater variety of content the more you will engage with your audience.  If you can come up with content that will drive a discussion, all the better, as this keeps the audience engaged and will drive “likes” and interaction.

Interacting with Your Facebook Community

Posting to your News Feed or Wall is of course an important part of a basic Facebook marketing strategy - responding back to comments made is equally as important. If you are a community manager, you want to check frequently to see what type of interaction you are receiving and respond and amplify the comments or answer questions. If you are a global brand operating across all time zones, you will want to staff accordingly.

Frequency of Action

I try to post 3-5 new piece of content per day via my Facebook account and I typically experience better interaction during standard business hours here in the states; but this can vary wildly some days, based on how/where my content is showing up in search engine results. But, if you are a consumer brand, with multiple products and services and larger teams of community managers, you may want to post content much more frequently to engage your audience.

Video and Image Uploading

Video augments your brand and puts a personal “face” if you will on your company as do even static pictures. You can even upload viral videos, teaser videos (clips of longer content), movie trailers, etc. Bigger brands are even starting to utilize Facebook as a broadcast platform by integrating UStream.

Cross Promoting Content via Facebook

It’s always critical to cross promote your content across the social web and using Facebook for these purposes enables you to leverages content costs,drive marketing ROI and amplify your social voice.   Of course you want to upload your YouTube videos into your Facebook account, but you can also cross promote if you are active on Posterous or Quora as an example. I touched on this in an earlier blog: Generating Sales Using Social Media Marketing.

Building a Fanbase on Facebook

Facebook’s size make it a standalone country that is estimated to be the third most populous in the world. But, the people on it are busy and at times it can be hard getting their attention. Nevertheless, don’t rush into building a fanbase on Facebook - you want people who are in your vertical market - don’t target people in your own industry, focus on consumers or businesses that are interested in your goods and services. That’s how you will generate leads and drive sales. Many make the mistake on Twitter and Facebook of not focusing on potential customers by not

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