LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing has rapidly become an important global Social Media Marketing Platform for any company or professional seeking to build a presence with and engage others around the world.

With 60 Million plus members and adding a new member every second of the day, you want to establish as Social Media Marketing and Engagement presence with this high value community. Some tips for effective LinkedIn Marketing:

1) Optimize your profile with Keywords - this community uses LinkedIn’s powerful search tool frequently, so you want to show up in search results. Also, you can now create a profile for yourself as an individual and for a company.

2) Sorry for the pun, but link your other Social Media Marketing activities with LinkedIn, including your personal or corporate Blog, Twitter account; if personal account you can even select books you’ve read recently and/or select from 25 other apps that will give you some lift to your LinkedIn Marketing.

3) LinkedIn is simpatico with Twitter or Facebook or any other social media platform for that matter, you want to engage with the community with comments on updates made from other members of your community, answering/posing questions (as below), sharing ideas, videos, images - be creative!

4) LinkedIn has a thousands of Groups that are growing in size and type every day - you want to join a limited number (15-20) and then contribute to these groups by engaging with your Group Members and Answering and Posting questions.

5) Show LinkedIn Members some digital love by writing recommendations for those that you have bumped into during your career path - this puts a spotlight on them and you, as others read these carefully.

Nothing wrong with nudging a former joint venture partner or customer and asking for a review, it’s done much more frequently than you would realize; but, don’t go overboard.

6) Effective LinkedIn Marketing can also be achieved by Answering Questions in ares of expertise that you have - there are hundreds if not thousands of questions posted each day and you can also get a Green Star/Best Answers for providing same for a question, which makes your profile stand out.

Also, good to add an update to your Network Activity that links to an article or video that you think would be well received by this community.

7) This community is well educated, global in scope and reach and your content strategy should reflect same - this isn’t the place to post office party photos like a Facebook or Flickr account (no offense meant).

Hope these LinkedIn Marketing tips are valuable - connect with us via LinkedIn by clicking here.