Local Social Media Marketing

Local social media marketing is low cost, very targeted and the absolute best way to get your business found by and engage with customers in your local market!  My top  reasons why you should be utilizing  local social media marketing.

1) Engage and converse with local customers by answering questions or offering something of value that consumers can respond to. As the conversation takes place, you have the ability to promote your products in a tactful manner (be subtle).

2) Local social media marketing is much lower cost than traditional online advertising and more targeted.

3) Morph your static web site  into one that is dynamic and interactive by linking to your social profiles via LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, Flickr, Facebook - adding videos, responding to blog comments and/or publishing videos.

4) Put a human face on your brand or company - social media marketing lets you personalize your business, which can be quite powerful.

5) Define what your business is about and how you help your customers - it’s a classic case of reputation definition and management.

6) Drive competitive advantage using local social media marketing - the longer you wait the higher the barriers to entry.

7) Make local social media marketing become your first line of customer relationship marketing - head em off at the pass by monitoring your social stream.

8) Leverage the tremendous growth occurring via social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, LinkedIn, Flickr and second tier sites.

9) Use local social media to lower your cost of sales and instantly engage with your customers by providing discount coupons, specials and/or other incentives via the social web.

10) Local social media enables you to leverage your content costs - as an example, that YouTube video can now be featured via your web site, your Facebook account and shared via Twitter with an embedded link. Rinse and repeat.

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  • http://www.offeredlocal.com Ed Loessi

    Good post,

    I would also add to the list; merge social and location based marketing in the form of creating offers and or promotions to your social following.

    We have been working in that area here at OfferedLocal whereby we are making it possible to create and deliver offers and promotions across popular social and location based platforms.


    Ed Loessi