Promoting Your Brand on Facebook & Twitter

We get asked all the time what is the formula for promoting a brand on Facebook or Twitter. The simple answer is it’s a complex blend of art and science. If you follow these fifteen steps you will ultimately be successful on both of these social media communities.

  1. Source quality content, curate and share it in a meaningful way - good content builds credibility and followers.
  2. Be authentic - these communities see through a poser’s persona very quickly and are quick to sense whether or not you are contributing to the social dialogue in a meaningful way.
  3. Pay it forward - virtual intros, references, “contact spreading” goes a long way to build relationships.
  4. Don’t promote until your brand is well established and then no more than 10% of your content streams/conversations. Many newbies jump on Facebook and Twitter and start trying to generate sales from day one, which can be a big mistake, unless you have a well established brand.
  5. Engage, engage and engage - broadcasting (even quality content) makes your social stream nothing more than a one way street.
  6. Patience is required - won’t happen immediately, it takes time to generate traction, followers and marketing ROI.
  7. Communicate during your targeted market’s business hours.
  8. Curate your Followers a bit - this is au contraire to other who say connect with the world.
  9. Leverage your core content (Blog, Video, Articles, Images) by sharing on both platforms. To generate good content ROI use a 3-5X multiplier.
  10. Twitter is rapidly becoming its own social graph - it’s digital glue, so spread it around along with your Facebook stream. Connect your Twitter account to any and all profiles that you are using.
  11. Checkins, lunch dates may work for the digerati; but, I find them boring, as do many others. Quality content generates quality relationships. Where your eating lunch and with whom may be cool if your Steve Jobs. But, if your not, forget about it.
  12. Both communities have social mores - learn and live by them. As an example, by using #FF (Follow Friday) via Twitter your “telling others” that you want to give back to the community and want to share and recommend valuable contacts you are connected with.
  13. Think about value of real time search (Twitter certainly) and use keywords, integrate back links and use hashtags. This content’s search rankings should improve over time.
  14. Follow competitors - these platforms are transparent, expect the same from them.
  15. Go the other direction and make sure your web site is social enabled; i.e. web site visitors can click into your social media profiles and follow and engage.

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