Ten Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Thanksgiving!

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Couldn’t start a Blog post about Thanksgiving without an iconic image from Norman Rockwell. Since this image doesn’t reflect our subject matter we’ll ask you dear reader for your indulgence so we can segue to our tongue in cheek block post: Ten Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Thanksgiving!

1) No one shows up at grandmas house, as they are all to busy doing Groupon check ins to score Mayor badges.

2) The assembled group of Gen Y and Boomers are so busy trying to juggle their iPhones and Blackberry’s they don’t have time for real conversation.

3) Someone’s iPhone app mysteriously turns off the oven via a hacked RFD tag (call Google!).

4) Grandma insists all gadgets and devices must be turned in at the door as the folks come pouring in, necessitating a mass exodus to the porch every fifteen minutes to check Facebook accounts.

5) Thanksgiving dinner is held up so long due to Ustream holiday events the dinner gets cold in the process.

6) Over indulgence of alcohol causes Gen Y/Millenials to spill booze on their iPads and they slink out the front door to find nearest Apple store (fail).

7) No wireless network available at Grandma’s so many just eat and run out the door, forgetting time honored tradition of pretending to talk with family members while they watch football on the tube.

8) Incessant Twitter activity causes digital paralysis problems and some younger members are unable to: a) eat Thanksgiving dinner, b) hold on to Wii wand or c) wave newest gadget around for all to see and lust over.

9) Fisticuffs erupt after drunken pictures of relatives are mysteriously uploaded to Facebook Wall and the offended party realizes he/she is now indelibly imprinted with web legacy information showing them doing the “turkey trot.”

10) Power goes off - chargers were not brought in anticipation of this problem - everyone goes home immediately; poor Grandma/Grandpa and Boomers left with huge amount of food and booze to consume and try and figure out what a “wood stove” is and how it works.

Have a great Thanksgiving with your friends and family, with or without a social media enabled holiday! Try to actually converse with each other and break new ground in relationship building!