Add Your Business to Google Maps

Add your business to Google Maps is not exactly an eye catching title - it’s about as exciting as taking third place in the World Cup.

Bu, using and optimizing Google Maps is a foundation marketing process we utilize for any Social Media Marketing or Search Marketing Campaign.

It’s free, takes 1-3 hours to optimize properly, drives significant very targeted traffic and most importantly,  gives your site a powerful immediate presence where GEO targeted locals are searching for information about sites, products and services.

Add Your Business to Google Maps

1) Incorporate a well written Listing, with Complete and Comprehensive Information.

2) Utilize Keywords in your Company Name if this works logically but don’t spam the listing.

3) Utilize the proper City and State Keywords in your Title and Tags; make sure your address is correct.

4) Select the right Category with Keyword driven search terms: i.e. Realtor, Restaurant, Retail Store, etc.

5) Identify your location properly that relates to the center of the city or area.

6) Be Creative with your Listing and convey value: i.e. incorporate Images and Videos (up to five), directions to your place of business and where/how to park, type of credit cards you take if applicable, list coupons to create sense or urgency or seasonality, as these are easy to change, etc.

7) Can also be beneficial to list your address with Directories that offer local addresses including:, and similar sites.

8) Solicit Reviews from satisfied clients in a diplomatic manner - the more of these (assuming positive) the better, as this drives credibility and branding. Also, more Stars (reviews) can mean higher listing positioning.

9) Google typically verifies your listing via instant call back (once it is completed) or postcard - phone call is typically the best method for obvious reasons. Make sure you follow through on this or your Google Maps Listing won’t go “live.”

Google’s Streetview is now included with most Google Map listings - another reason why you want to Add Your Business to Google Maps.