Aweber Review

AWeber is one of the leading vendors of Autoresponder and Newsletter Subscriber Management tools. AWeber’s autoresponder is used by over 100K small businesses around the world for autoresponder email follow-up and newsletter delivery. Our AWeber Review will give you a good detailed overview of their marketing platform, costs, services and overall competitiveness.

AWeber Review and Company Snapshot

When the company was founded in 1998, AWeber was just about the only choice for autoresponder email list and subscriber management, largely because it was the best of only a handful of available products. Fast forward to today, there are 10-15 direct competitors in the newsletter delivery marketing including: Campaign Monitor, iContact, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, MyNewsletterBuilder and many others.

Businesses use the AWeber Marketing Platform for a number of purposes:

  • Reoccurring newsletters: Once you’ve set up the template and email list, it’s simply a matter of updating the content for each newsletter.

  • Newsletter and Autoresponder: This is one of the areas AWeber marketing shines, giving you instant signup and confirmation for automated newsletter management via any web site.

  • Marketing emails: AWeber is also great for one-off product launches, event announcements, or for when you want to communicate with your email subscriber list.

AWebber Review

What is it about AWeber’s marketing platform and service that’s captured such a strong and devoted audience? To learn more please read our detailed review of AWebber’s marketing platform:

  • Newsletter creation: AWeber offers users the ability to create email newsletters based on more than 150 customizable templates, enabling you to customize your company’s branding, with space for a logo. AWebber’s newsletter creator also lets you personalize emails using subscribers’ names, which is common for most providers.

  • Subscription management: With AWeber, you can use their web form builder in order to create a sign-up form for your newsletter on your website and even segment this into a variety of lists. AWebber also supports such third party applications as: E-Junkie, PayPal, NexTag, Yahoo! Small Business, Authorize.Net, WishList, and MemberGate.

  • Autoresponder: Autoresponders are a wonderful tool for retaining new subscribers and enabling you to build and funnel a connection back to your web site instantaneously. The AWebber autoresponder can also be used to deliver White Papers, downloads and/or other marketing materials and incorporates the same personalization options as the newsletter builder, including 150 customizable templates.

  • Tracking: This is one of the areas an AWeber review shows you where the product really shines. With a single click, you can look at any number of metrics related to an email campaign, including who opened the email, who made a purchase, who clicked a link, and even the location of your responders. AWeber’s tracking will also tell you which subscribers viewed your email in a number of popular email programs, including Gmail, Yahoo! mail, and Hotmail.

  • API (Application Programmer Interface): AWeber offers an API that enables other vendors to integrate their products with AWeber. A good example of this is the WordPress plug-in that AWeber offers, enabling you to enable visitors to your blog to turn into Newsletter subscribers, which is pretty cool!

AWeber Feature Snapshot

  • Over 150 customizable templates to build emails

  • Ability to convert and broadcast blog entries via a number of additional platforms

  • Social Media Integration with Facebook and Twitter

  • Automatic posting of emails to web site

  • Autoresponder also includes the same number of templates

  • Easy to setup and use sign-up form creator

  • ROI Analysis via revenue generation for specific email campaigns

  • Split testing capabilities

  • Exportable data sheets and forms

AWeber Pricing Tiers

AWeber’s pricing model is based on the number of subscribers in your email marketing list. You can send unlimited emails to your lists during a given month.

Here’s a look at AWeber’s pricing tiers:

Number of Subscribers
Number of Subscribers

Up to 500










Over 25,000


* The base fee of $19 is reduced to $1 for the first month on a trial basis.

This pricing is in alignment and competitive with other providers. The median for each tier is within 20% +/- AWeber’s rates.

Using the AWeber Email Marketing Platform

We like the AWeber email marketing and newsletter management platform, it includes the majority of the features you’ll find in other email marketing programs, and it does a wonderful job of making those tools accessible and versatile. AWeber features we really like:

  • Ease of use – a novice user can quickly get productive with AWeber using their new Drag and Drop Editor.

  • Great List analysis and segmentation, enabling you to understand leverage your newsletter subscriber base.

  • A library of 150 easily-customizable templates

  • Versatile - works great as an Autoresponder and Email Newsletter platform

  • AWeber provides great customer support Monday through Saturday and they pride themselves on supporting their small business customers.

  • An affiliate program that allows users to generate additional streams of income

Some aspects of AWeber’s Terms of Service we don’t like

  • AWeber includes no image hosting, meaning you need to host campaign images elsewhere.

  • Once an email is scheduled, you can’t simply edit it without canceling the send.

  • AWeber can be quick to cancel an account if they believe that the campaign content doesn’t fit their specifications and if they believe spam activity has taken place.

AWeber Review Snapshot

For Email Marketing and Newsletter Management – we give AWeber a 9 out of 10. It’s one of the industry leaders, and for good reasons. If you’re looking for a good email marketing platform and autoresponder take a hard look at AWeber. It’s got a great interface, easy to setup, has powerful WordPress integration and the company is great to work with!