Fiverr Outsourcing

Fiverr Outsourcing Platform

Fiverr has undergone meteoric growth since its inception based on the simple premise that you can hire any outsourcing provider for $5.00 to complete a task.

There are a lot of silly self-promoting services posted on this site by contractors that don’t reflect high quality. But, there are quality outsourcing vendors and contractors that have profiles on the site as well. You have to wade through some of the dreck to get to quality providers! We like the simple thumbs up or down review for each contractor – you get a quick snapshot if the contractor has any complaints.

Like any other popular outsourcing portal, Fiverr is now venture capital backed to the tune of $20 million in funds, is now a top 100 Comscore site in terms of traffic in the U.S. and top 500 global properties, each day hosts 10-20K new gigs.

We like this outsourcing portal and vibrant marketplace – it’s a bit like eBay, in that you can find just about any type of contractor you are looking for. And, we really like the new “Level services” integrated in 2012 that enable contractors to offer more sophisticated (with a bit higher costs) terms of services and we anticipate Fiverr adding more outsourcing services to make it more competitive with its direct competitors: Freelancer, oDesk, Elance and LinkedIn. 

Fiverr Outsourcing Review

1) Fiverr has a built in Category list on the home page that we like; to utilize select a category for research and then Filter the Gig via Rating to see top tier vendors and then select one of their Gigs to hire them.

2) We like the front end search capability of Fiverr and the back end is very easy to use for interaction with a Contractor. Be aware, Fiverr has a strict rule about direct contact with contractors and their back end algorithm (like other platforms) scans your communications with the contractor to identify potential direct contacts – if these are found your account will be deleted.

3) It takes no more than 5-10 minutes to set up an account on Fiverr to start the hiring process and you don’t pay any fees, other than normal processing fee via PayPal, which is required to use their platform. You don’t pay for any Gig until it has been completed and all contractors will ask you for a review at this point in time.

4) The sheer nature of the payment structure for contracts ($5. or increments of same via upgrade Gigs) forces contractors to have highly automated services, which are used for some for front end lead generation for higher price or up sell Gigs. So, choose your vendors carefully and read the comments section about them.

5) We expect and hope to see more sophisticated terms of services via Fiverr moving forward and we have found quality contractors working on Fiverr. But, you have to be careful using some of these contractors; their terms of services are not always consistent with “white hat marketing processes.” Its’ very much a case of caveat emptor.

Overall we give Fiverr a good review – it’s a nifty outsourcing portal for identifying contractors and we again expect this platform to incorporate broader terms of services for companies that want to leverage outsourcing.