JangoMail Email Review

JangoMail Review: this web based mass email marketing platform that is starting to get some traction in the marketplace for businesses that may not need some of the more powerful features provided by larger, more sophisticated competitors like Constant Contact, Vertical Response or Mail Chimp.

This email blast marketing platform is not for the non-technical user or business owner – again, it’s web based platform with tabs across the top of the user interface which enable you to work with the platform. Some of JangoMail’s unique features include an SMTP relay service with an open and clickthrough tracking capabilities, foreign language support, real time database connectivity and a sophisticated API, GEO tracking report capabilities and advanced personalization options.

JangoMail is used by over 1,800 businesses for permission based email marketing around the globe and was founded in 2009. The company is focused on business clients that have some technical expertise and need to work with an email vendor that is entirely web based that need an email blast marketing platform. Key email marketing customers include Fortune 1K companies like: GM, Epson, Reuters, Epson and the EPA.

JangoMail Features and Overview

The JangoMail interface is not particularly intuitive, and there’s a significant learning curve if you’re creating a campaign for the first time. The myriad technical options are wonderful if you’ve got those skill sets, but will get in the way of many users who are not technical minded. If you are a small business this is probably not the right email marketing platform for you.

JangoMail Core features include:

  • Database connectivity:  JangoMail can connect with a variety of CRM and other databases in order to store and manipulate customer and list information.

  • Strong API: The API for JangoMail allows third-party developers to do a number of interesting and creative things with the products.

  • Email Management and Integration: This email management program integrates directly with SalesForce for CRM management, and for Google Analytics for tracking.

  • List management. JangoMail has a strong set of list management features, allowing you to segment and organize your email lists to fit your email campaign marketing needs.

  • Social media integration. Like many of the other email management programs, Jango Mail allows you to integrate your email marketing campaigns with your social media platforms of choice.

  • Agency features. If you’re a marketing agency that wants to be able to distribute and rebrand JangoMail services to your customers, there are options for you as well.

  • Autoresponders and triggers. The platform features autoresponders, which allow you to respond quickly to subscriber requests and triggers that enable you to perform a specific action based on the response a given list member took on a previous message.

JangoMail Pricing

JangoMail operates on a per-email pricing basis, as compared to many other services which operate on a per-subscriber basis:


Emails Sent per Month
Monthly Fee

Up to 200

Free trial

Up to 1,000


Up to 2,500


Up to 5,000


Up to 12,000


Up to 18,000


Up to 30,000


Up to 45,000


Up to 80,000


Up to 120,000


Up to 220,000


Up to 330,000


Up to 616,000


Over to 616,000


As most competitors operate on a per-subscriber basis, how competitive this pricing is really depends on the size of your mailing list and the frequency of your email marketing campaign mailings. When compared with competitors who do offer a per-email fee, this pricing schedule is very competitive, and one of the lowest we’ve reviewed.

JangoMail Overall Rating

JangoMail features we like:

Solid technical integration, with an API and integration with social media and CRM platforms.

  • Good foreign language support and localized tracking for email blasts that many email marketing platforms just don’t have.

  • Interactivity is well done - Autoresponders and triggers make this a good choice again for a larger corporate entity and/or technically sophisticated small business.

  • Growing list of other companies who are integrating their products with Jango’s platform.

JangoMail features that we don’t like:

  • The interface is difficult to navigate; you need to have someone technical to really leverage this email marketing platform.

  • There is no live chat support available for JangoMail.

  • Maximum message size is 100KB. This can be a problem if you need to include images.

  • Surveys cost extra, unlike some of JangoMail’s competitors.

JangoMail scores 6 out of 10 stars as an email marketing campaign platform for businesses that need email blast software.