MyNewsletterBuilder: Best Newsletter Software

MyNewsletterBuilder or “MNB” as the company refers to itself is a small company based in North Carolina with an eight year track record of success helping businesses with newsletter and email marketing. We like MyNewsletterBuilder’s scrappy can do attitude and no-nonsense approach to email and newsletter marketing. We also like their direct communications with their customers via their site, Blog and Facebook account, underscoring their focus on excellence in customer service.

MyNewsletterBuilder is one of the more straightforward email marketing, list management, and best newsletter software vendors on the market. They’ve clearly identified a niche (email newsletter marketing) and have done a good job building a viable business in this space.

We also like the fact that they offers both volume-based as well as monthly pricing, something not found with other email newsletter marketing platform vendors.

Utilizing the MyNewsletterBuilder Marketing Platform

We like the over 1,000 email templates that are coupled with over 160 customizable themes. The templates are straightforward in terms of modifying, with three columns of text and the ability to edit and replace images within the template.

MyNewsletterBuilder also offers free image hosting and a WYSIW (“what you see is what you get”) editor – giving you a snapshot of what your email will look like to people you are sending to. We also like the fact that MyNewsletterBuilder lets you remove their logo from the footer, even if you are doing a free trial.

If you are a small business and looking for an easy email platform to use for newsletter list management and emails this is a great provider - you won’t have to spend hours building a newsletter marketing campaign and their fee structure is very cost effective. And, we also like their Google analytics integrated split testing, enabling you to optimize time of day your emails are sent, subject line and other critical marketing variables.

The interface for the MyNewsletterBuilder newsletter generator is one of the most straightforward and intuitive interfaces on the market. It’s relatively easy to pick up, and you can be up and running with a full email newsletter marketing campaign in an hour or less. It’s a great platform for small businesses, enabling you to efficiently create and send out regular marketing driven emails and newsletters.

Here are some of the primary features of MyNewsletterBuilder:

  • Email creation: Like other email marketing management tools, MyNewsletterBuilder provides you with the ability to customize your emails or newsletter with their templates and themes.

  • WYSIWYG editor: Setting up a campaign takes a little bit more work on the front end; but once you get some baseline familiarity with the editor your levels of proficiency will improve rapidly. In terms of the best newsletter software, this interface comes close.

  • Social media integration: MyNewsletterBuilder recognizes the importance of social media, and allows you to seamlessly integrate your email newsletters and marketing campaigns with your social media accounts; with an option to select up to 100 accounts including: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Tracking: Like other email marketing applications, MNB has a thorough list of tracking options including: opens, bounces, unsubscribes, number of clicks, top links, etc. You can also export the reports into an Excel spreadsheet, which will come in handy. But, you can’t get these reports emailed to yourself.

  • List building: MyNewsletterBuilder has one of the stronger sets of list building and management tool sets out there. It’s relatively simple to import your email marketing lists from just about any source, and segmenting those lists is straightforward and easy.

  • Multiple accounts: With this tool, you’re able to divide your email marketing campaigns into different accounts, allowing you to segment your marketing efforts even further.

  • Value added content services: Most email marketing providers offer you a toolset related directly to email marketing. MyNewsletterBuilder is unique in that they offer some ancillary services not offered by competitors; i.e. content generation for your email newsletters, for an additional fee. They offer both pre-written content (which may be used elsewhere on the Internet or by your competitors) and specialized content that’s uniquely created for your business and branding.

Pricing for MyNewsletterBuilder

MyNewsletterBuilder has a number of different pricing models. In this regard, they’re more flexible than any of their competitors. Here are the different pricing models they use, and their current pricing:


Subscriber-based pricing:

Number of Subscribers
Monthly Cost

Up to 500




















Over 50,000


Subscriber pricing is competitive, and within 20% the median pricing of other email marketing products.

Monthly per-email pricing:

Emails per month
Monthly fee



















Monthly pricing is on the high end when compared with some of the other monthly pricing options out there.

Pay as you go pricing:

Emails Sent













Over 250,000


Pay as you go pricing is competitive, and falls typically within 20% of the media pricing of competitors.

There are obvious advantages to each of these, of course. If you’re sending out regular newsletters more than once a month, the per-subscriber pricing is probably your best bet. A single monthly newsletter might fit best in the monthly email-pricing scheme. For one-off marketing efforts, pay as you go is probably the best choice.

Using MyNewsletterBuilder

The interface for the MyNewsletterBuilder newsletter generator is one of the most straightforward and intuitive interfaces out there. It’s relatively easy to pick up, and you can be up and running with a full email marketing campaign in an hour or less. Again, it’s popular with small businesses, which often use MyNewsletterBuilder for monthly marketing emails, newsletters, and infrequent email marketing campaigns.

Overall Rating

MyNewsletterBuilder features and functions we like:

  • We like the no-nonsense User Interface and ease of use of this email newsletter marketing platform – it’s great for any small to medium sized business.

  • Flexible pricing means that you can use MyNewsletterBuilder newsletter generator in the way that best fits your marketing strategy, rather than building your strategy around a pricing list.

  • MyNewsletterBuilder offers unlimited image hosting for newsletter images, which saves you money.

  • This one has strong reporting options, as well as integration with Google Analytics for even more tracking information.

Some minor issues about MyNewsletterBuilder we don’t like:

  • Currently there is no spam-check tool, meaning that your marketing messages may not always make it to their intended recipients.

  • In order to edit a scheduled message, you’re required to completely cancel the send.

MyNewsletterBuilder receives 9 out of 10 stars as a small business newsletter email marketing tool. It’s not the best newsletter software in terms of broad features and functions; but, it’s a great fit for a small business that wants to communicate with a potential or existing customer base.