Traffic Geyser

Traffic Geyser Video Marketing Platform

Traffic Geyser has been one of the pioneers of video marketing. Its core functionality is built around video submissions across 100 sites (35 are video sites) in total, with keyword optimized videos. You create video content for marketing purposes for your business and then upload these videos into Traffic Geyser’s system, coupled with specific keywords that you want to use for search engine ranking purposes. To drive broader brand exposure and search engine rankings for your video content.

Traffic Geyser video marketing services encompass (again) about 100 standard sites and 30 video sites in total including YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh and top tier social media sites and platforms including: Facebook, Twitter and even MySpace, which still generates traffic. The goal is to syndicate your content across a group of sites to drive traffic and search rankings with this video marketing strategy.

You have to pay to become (about $97. per month) to use Traffic Geyser’s video marketing services. This “membership” also entitles you to some bonus services and tools encompassing videos that don’t require a camera for shooting (basically textual content with audio), slideshow upload capabilities that convert the latter into “videos,” royalty free music, pictures and training videos. We should note, Traffic Geyser also provides free training to its members on Wednesday of each week.

Mixed Review of Traffic Geyser Video Marketing

We have mixed feelings and recommendations about using Traffic Geyser for video marketing. Some online marketers love working with it and they have generated significant marketing ROI with Traffic Geyser.

But, others will also tell you that top tier search engines don’t “age” these links long and that a one size fits all approach to video marketing is a bit challenging. As each video site has its own sizing requirements; meaning, your videos may not be active on the site after using Traffic Geyser’s video marketing services.

And, some marketers feel this type of video marketing is too aggressive and can and will cause penalties, especially in light of Google’s recent content updates.

We should also point out, if you aren’t creating a minimum of 8-12 videos for marketing purposes you are probably better off going to Fiverr and hiring a contractor to use his/her account for video marketing.

There are two upsides to video marketing that are great for your business. First, Google and other top tier search engines rank videos much faster than text – a recent Forbes article indicated a brands chance of getting a page on search engine ranking are 55 time greater than with text. We think this is accurate, although hard to substantiate this specific number.

If you are using video marketing for a local business (retail, restaurant, and/or any type of services biz) and are optimizing your videos for local keywords then you should definitely think about video marketing and probably test Traffic Geyser’s services for at least 2-3 months.

Unfortunately, now that TubeMogul has morphed into a video advertising services company TrafficGeyser is just about the only game in town for dynamic video marketing, coupled with social bookmarking of the video link. 

Working with Traffic Geyser’s Platform

If you are a savvy YouTube editor and/or have a minimal amount of technical skill you can work with Traffic Geyse’rs back end platform. The interface is very clean, well laid out and it’s menu driven for the most part. Their integrated lead follow up system is also well designed and easy to work with. Three basic steps to get started with Traffic Geyser video marketing and content syndication:

  • 1) Sign up for an account – they have a $1. trial period, which limits you to only 3.5k video submissions.

  • 2) Upload your videos – the interface is very slick and easy to work with. We like the Traffic Geyser back end.

  • 3) Add Titles, Descriptions and Keywords

  • 4) Traffic Geyser also incorporates Submissions Templates which will save you a significant amount of time moving forward.

Key Features of the Traffic Geyser Platform

  • Content Syndication: This is where Traffic Geyser really generates video marketing ROI – share your keyword optimized content via 100 web sites and you can also create a video based site via their platform. Saving you significant amounts of time and labor costs for syndicating your content.

  • Content creation: You can convert just about any text file into a video using Traffic Geysers platform, which can in turn be syndicated across the web. You can for instance upload an image and call their toll-free number to make an audio recording and a “video” will be created for you. You can create your own videos, articles, blog posts, and emails.

  • Content distribution. This is where Traffic Geyser really shines. You can distribute your content of videos, articles, or blog posts to more than 100 sites on the Internet; note: about 30 of these sites are video sites of some type.

  • Follow-up for Lead Generation Tracking: Traffic Geyser has a follow-up solution that lets you choose between either email or direct mail for response.

  • Customer capturing. When potential customers view your content, Traffic Geyser is able to capture their general information, which you can use for lead generation purposes.

  • Self Contained video marketing engine – the strength and the weakness of this powerful video marketing platform is it’s own “self linking” system (videos are created and linked to via Blogs); some marketers feel this is too aggressive and may look “spammy” to the search engines. But, the tradeoff is significantly more content syndication done across the social and video web.

Traffic Geyser Pricing

One of the more frustrating things about Traffic Geyser is its pricing model. As there are only two pricing tiers, each of which gives you a different set of features and vastly different costs.

  • Gold: The Gold price plan comes in at $97 per month. You can get a 21-day free trial of the gold plan for just $1, to see if the product is going to work for you. On that plan, you get 3,500 submission credits each month. One credit is usually a submission of one piece of content to one site. With this tier of membership, your content will be distributed to an average of 35 sites. You do not get access to the Traffic Geyser media tools suite or to SMS text lead notification.

  • Platinum: The Platinum price plan runs $247 per month. With this plan you get 35,000 submission credits each month. On average, your content will be distributed to 75 sites. You get access to both the media tools suite and the SMS text lead notification.

  • As you can see, the vast majority of the attractive features for Traffic Geyser come from the Platinum price plan. This makes Traffic Geyser the most expensive content distribution solution on the market.

    Our Overall Rating for Traffic Geyser Video Marketing

    Traffic Geyser features we like:

    • It is the only true video marketing platform on the market. There are other applications that are similar; but, most of these are just that, apps that need to be installed on a desktop, which has some inherent limitations for your marketing strategy.

    • Leveraging your time via their in-house video marketing and content syndication. Upload once and you are done.

    • Their integrated built in lead generation/capture and response system, which is quite powerful if used properly.

    • The back end interface is well done and most marketers will not have any challenges using it.

    • We like the fact that podcasts are also created as part of the video marketing system – it’s a cool feature and will also drive traffic.

    Some concerns about the TG video marketing platform:

    • We worry about how top tier search engines will assess some of the content that has been created and then backlinked via their system.

    • We’d like to see a three tiered pricing system that is mapped to a broader mix of video marketing services.

    Traffic Geyser earns 7.5 out of 10 stars as software for video marketing and distribution for small businesses.