Content Development Landscape Shifting Dramatically

The Content Development Landscape is Shifting Dramatically -  it’s rapidly becoming a Web 2.0 world and your content needs to be everywhere.

If you read Rupert Murdoch’s latest Editorial you can see the proverbial “digital handwriting” on the wall - Content Development Landscape sands are shifting to Fast Food (in some cases) that is easily Repackaged, Reworked, Reused, Redone, Reworked, “ReRuperted” - am sure you get the picture.

Big Media Content Driving the Market

If your looking to drive search engine traffic with content using popular keywords your probably competing with large media sites  - these  could be your  Local or National Newspaper, TV Stations,  Content Aggregation Site, Social Media Site (archiving hundreds or thousands of pages per day), Wikipedia, Review Site, News Aggregator, etc. It’s a dog eat dog world when it comes to writing tasty content for consumption.

The thrilling days of yesteryear are now long gone when you could do a keyword search and optimize content on a set of high traffic keywords and expect to generate search rankings and easily. Now you have to choose your keywords carefully, take a hard look at competition and then write content accordingly. The web’s getting as crowded as a group of Geeks around Google’s latest Android Phone!

Why & How Content Game is Changing

Look at Demand Media’s New Content Strategy profiled via Wired last month - they are churning out 3-4K Videos per week, using outsource contractors in most cases, coupled with a super secret algorithm on the front end that helps them identify Topics and Keywords to utilize for Content Development. AOL must have been watching them, as they have announced a similar strategy “fast food content development” strategy!

Morph Your Content Strategy

  1. You may need to duck and cover and utilize a content strategy that focuses on keywords that are not too competitive to ensure you will generate search rankings and traffic.
  2. Write quality content (Blogs are great) over period of time with multiple keywords and look for extremely valuable “long tail keywords” to drive traffic, not high profile keywords with tremendous amounts of competition.
  3. Ensure your Link Development is consistent with Google’s rules of the road (no link farms) to ensure your site doesn’t trip any alarms.
  4. Build “Authority Web Site” by having 300-500 pages of content and you can compete with the big boys/geeks/girls.
  5. Write “content silos” - pages that have lots of inter-related keywords and cross link your pages.
  6. Incorporate Video as part of your content strategy - Video Content that has been annotated properly typically generates high search visibility.
  7. Tweet intelligently, use Hashtags - we think “Real Time Search” will have big impact on search results moving into 2010 - wild card is how Google & MSN (Bing) integrate Twitter Stream with Keyword search results, jury till out.
  8. They have their hired guns, you better get yours - use freelancers, we know what we are doing and operate with a level of expertise most corp copywriters don’t understand, we blend copywriting with Search Marketing skills for one.  (Think Jedi’s with keyboards.)

That our take on the Content Morphing - want to connect sign up via our Blog or Twitter please……..