Ten Steps to an Effective Content Strategy

Today Content Strategy is so important as what you say is extended across the broad Social Web in ways that may or not may be anticipated. And, of equal importance, everything “said,” written, broadcast and/or published via a third party site is archived forever.

Content strategy is the first definition of your brand and so much more than a web site in today’s digital world. Some touch-points:

  1. Content has no barriers today - it’s commented on, pushed around/across the global web via Comments, Tweets, Likes, etc. like never before.
  2. Great Content involves blood sweat and tears - or else a great copywriter who can write circles around ordinary humans.
  3. Today’s Social Media driven world means content is scanned (“snacked” if you will) and needs to be chunked into digestible formats - people don’t read on the web they scan, snack and click.
  4. The more your content can be extended the better - it’s written once but should be repurposed across the Social Web many times, leveraging costs and timelines.
  5. Content Strategy should be global - barriers to communication are gone in today’s digital village.
  6. Great content strategy also should include Video, Discussions/Posts via the Social Web and Comments on others - another secret to great content is getting it quoted, commented or pushed around in a digital sense.
  7. Protect your content with trademarking and use third party applications like CopyScape to see if others are using your digital intellectual property.
  8. Content is like fresh fish, spoils quickly and needs to be frequently replaced or wrapped with other content such as a Blog, Images, Comments, Related Articles, etc.
  9. Great content should involve keyword strategy - if you take the time and trouble to develop great content you want it to produce traffic.
  10. Cross link and cross reference content when/wherever possible to drive ROI and incremental traffic and visibility.

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