Creativity Drives Social Commerce

Today’s connected consumers are embracing social commerce as never before. As a business leader or owner, are you focusing on reaching these consumers so you can drive real social commerce in a creative manner?

Building Social Commerce

The real recipe for successful social commerce begins with your content marketing initiatives and how it reaches consumers. Are you building living social campaigns with content that extends across the social web in a way that impacts consumers or other businesses?

This can be text, videos, podcasts or a mashup of all three - you can use a mashup service like Storify (still in Beta) that lets you pull and combine content from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr to build an engaging interactive story.

You need to move beyond a Blog post, Twitter account or Facebook presence with messaging that humanizes your brand, connects with consumers and drives them to take some kind of action. This can include a purchase directly via your social platform with a click, a like, vote up or favorable review via Yelp as examples. The name of the game is brand identify and engagement - to drive immediate or downstream social commerce.

Good Social Media Marketing is Creative

It doesn’t necessarily take a huge advertising budget to be successful with social media marketing that drives social commerce. Alicia Keys’ Keep A Child Alive Foundation creatively featured the “digital death” of celebrities, requiring them to stop social media activities (mainly Twitter) until supporters of the movement donated $1M to support AID related causes in Africa and Asia.

The campaign achieved it’s goals in under a week and incorporated a creative model for social commerce and social media marketing. As a leader, your company may not have the star wattage of Alicia Keys but you do have the potential to come up with creative ideas that will resonate with the social community.

Your challenge is rising above the din and hype surrounding social commerce - there’s a lot of white noise in the marketplace and your team or agency has to come up with something that piques the interest of a consumer to drive social commerce right from your social platform.

Be creative, go forth and multiply your brand and generate social commerce - if you need help contact me so I can put my band of digital warriors into high gear for you!

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