Social Media Etiquette

Today’s always on Social Media driven world does have some hidden and not so hidden Social Media Etiquette rules of the road.  Here is our take on Social Media Etiquette you want to be aware of:

Social Media Blurring Lines

You have a “self” that you use on any Social Media Platform, albeit Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or others. Unfortunately, the lines are blurring for all of these platforms, depending on your focus, type of company you work for and how you use them.

But, one way to categorize these Social Media Profiles is by attaching a “self” to each of them and trying to build a presence that is consistent with this focus.

But, it’s not always easy to do this, as your “Friends” on Facebook may start blurring via your personal account. Associates down the hall or across the globe may start throwing things up on your wall that force you to commingle your personal and professional “self” - there are no easy answers, other than to say you need to be aware of the upside, pitfalls, rewards, cool things that may happen (or not) by blurring you Social Media Self!

Social Media Etiquette on Twitter

Twitter is rapidly morphing to a Broadcast and Engagement Platform - it affords a wonderful opportunity for any individual to build a personal presence or business to build strong brand awareness and much more.

Just like Facebook, it’s important at the outset of staring your digital journey on Twitter to decide if your Social Media Strategy is to focus on a personal or business account - or both, many digerati have multiple accounts as well as businesses.

But, you need to integrate some personality to come across as being real on Twitter (like other Social Media Platforms) - throwing in some personal bon mots  is essential to building personality. Again, the lines can easily be blurred - be aware and Tweet accordingly.

Twitter Rules of the Road

  • Don’t Direct Message people unless you know them or “DM” them in Twitterspeak
  • RTs or ReTweets are the currency of the realm on Twitter - you show someone that you value their communications by RTing their Tweets. But do it judiciously.
  • Give credit where credit is due - many people copy URLs from other Tweets and push them out as their own; this is bad Ju Ju as they say on Treme Street in New Orleans - enough said.
  • It’s great to use the @LinkedMedia to push a Tweet to someone thanking them for a digital mention or to give them visibility via your Twitter Account.

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