Social Media Marketing Prerequisites

Don’t even think about a social media marketing campaign unless your Web Site is working flawlessly, Search Engine Optimization components are addressed and Content Development and Curation strategy is in place.

1) Your web site must have these features and functions working to ensure your engagement with the social community will drive meaningful ROI:

  • Site Navigation must be flawless – visitors must be able to navigate through your web site easily.
  • Multiple call to action and response elements must be in place: Newsletter Sign Up, Contact Us Page,  Phone Numbers are prominently displayed and Blog subscription direct and via RSS Feed are functioning.
  • Images should be optimized to ensure load times (time it takes a page to load) are at their best.
  • Domain Name should be registered out 3-5 five years at a minimum to drive SEO results and brand valuation.
  • Sociables (links to social platforms) are prominently placed at top and bottom of all pages and “likes” and ReTweet buttons are set up and working.

2) These Baseline Search Engine Attributes must be in place:

  • All Pages and Images have unique Title Tags, Descriptions and Keywords - the latter have minimal impact for Google but good to include.
  • Quality backlinks have been developed for the site over a 90-120 day period or campaign.
  • An XML Google Site Map has been setup properly and you have connected your web site with your Google Analytics Account.
  • Location has been created via a Google Business Listing.
  • A Keyword strategy has been developed for your web site content

3) Your content development and curation strategy is set. We tell our clients building a successful social media marketing campaign is really about creating and sharing quality content; i.e. Images, Text, Videos, Comments, FAQ, Blog posts, Newsletter, Tweets, Newsfeeds, Answers across the social web. Then, driving engagement and interaction with your followers across the social web.

  • Blog (as below) is set preferably via WordPress, optimized for search engines with plugins, individual page titles, images optimized, with Categories in place, is linked to from the Home/Index page and is updated 3-5 times per week.
  • You have content development and curation strategy in place to broadcast and share across the social web; i.e.schedule in place, content is rotated for maximum exposure, in-bound flow of news sources created (Google Alerts, RSS Feeds, Newsletter Subscriptions).
  • Your team understands the importance of cross promoting content across the social web – for example a Blog post should be referenced via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and second tier sites like Posterous.
  • Flickr Pro account has been created, images are uploaded and optimized properly and shared across the social web.
  • YouTube Account has been created, optimized and cross referenced via all social identities and platforms.

These three marketing prerequisites, Web Site, SEO Setup and Content are all critical components to your overall marketing strategy and must be in-place prior to starting a social media marketing campaign. Or, you’ll waste time and resources building and engaging with social consumers/followers!!  The devil is absolutely in the details - we’d love to get your comments or thoughts below!!

  • Leonard

    Thanks for the post. Yes finally someone steps in and lays down what stage a business should be in before launching social media marketing. I feel bad for folks with 4 fans on their facebook page. Having said that, I don’t think my own blog is getting too much traffic!


    UV Studio

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  • Cristy Aquino

    Thanks for the outline here - the information has been most useful. We enjoyed the pointers for our web teams.