What’s Your Twitter Personality?

The mere mention of Twitter, depending on the company you keep, can elicit groans, fist bumps, diatribes, etc. - it’s become a cultural Tsunami, whether you like it or not. So, love it or leave it, our take on the personality types found on Twitter, segueing from the bottom of the Twitter food chain up to the top.

Spammers - yep, we got em on Twitter, but I have to say the filterologists at Twitter have done a good job playing the digital cat and mouse game and are keeping spam to a minimum.

Follow Fanatics - these folks follow anyone that has a digital pulse, regardless of the Follower’s profile, content, focus, etc. They are intensely focused on building a Follower base, chasing that endless popularity contest (“I’ve got more than you”) that many think is what determines how cool they are on Twitter. Guy Kawasaki is one of them (“follow everybody”) but we dear readers,  disagree with this strategy.

Content Chummers (think white sharks metaphorically) - they’ll throw anything/everything into their Twitter stream, regardless of it’s being new, fresh or insightful.  The geeky version of the “content chummer” is integrating a Google Feed into their “Tweetstream” to automate their content flow, although few will admit to it.

Twitterholics - spend 24/7/365 on Twitter with a rapid fire delivery in 140 characters that makes the opening scene/conversation in “The Social Network” look L.A. laid back in comparison. When do these people, sleep, eat and have a real life?

Egnoscenti (play on Cognoscenti) - half their time on Twitter is spent repeating at signs (@) messaging to and from with other egonoscenti: personalities/notables/writers/bloggers/celebrities/etc. while they talk about how cool this trip, flavor of the month technology or event was. Yawn………

Corporati -  driving that brand down the social highway, listening to the Tweets from their followers as they search for positive or negative sentiment Tweets and then amplifying or replying and throwing in news about or around the brand. All good…….

Pay It Forwarders - have built a Following on Twitter by engaging with their Followers and including Tweets that help others - you’ll find this characteristic in many “authentic” types as well (see next category).

Authentics - broadcasting and engaging, using a mixture of news, events and bon mots that pique the interests of their Followers, incorporating some pay it forward components and honestly trying to establish themselves in the Twittersphere.

If we missed a personality type then let us know via comments - if you are new to Twitter, check out our Blog Post: “Using Twitter for Business.” Catch us on Twitter via: LinkedMedia - our personality speaks for itself!