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Why Brands Give up on Twitter Marketing

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It sad, but many embrace Twitter Marketing like a long last love, only to abandon Twitter faster than Lady Gaga changes outfits, once they realize it takes commitment, focus and engagement.

1) It’s time consuming and marketing ROI is not always apparent - it can take months to really get established, especially if you are B2B focused.

2) Many do not realize you have to connect other social communities to leverage the Twitter content; i.e. LinkedIn, Blog, Squidoo, Facebook, etc.  Treating it solely as a social media content publishing publishing does not leverage avaialble technology, good content distribution and syndication models.

3) Effective Twitter marketing has it’s own social etiquette and rules of the road - many don’t get this. I still see large corporate accounts using Twitter that have no clue about using how/who to Follow, Hashtags, Follow Friday, Follower etiquette, Paying it Forward/ReTweets, Tweetups, integrating images, etc.

4) Users don’t comprehend Twitter marketing is a virtual door opener - I’ve found new clients, strategic partners and others after engaging with them via Twitter and moving to real world connections, including that ancient analog device, the telephone.


5) Lots of  users don’t have the right content strategy - for example,  if you are a SaaS company and targeting a pharmaceutical vertical but only Tweet about the SaaS market, your content strategy will not resonate with the target market.

6) There are hundreds/thousands of applications that now extend Twitter’s platform and usefulness encompassing CRM and lead generation (as examples). Many new Twitter marketing types don’t ever grasp how these apps can extend their branding and drive associated marketing ROI.

7) It’s a fair knock on Twitter about many thinking it’s just a social media platform where people post about lunch, upload Twitpics of events/significant others/dogs/cats - you name it. I branded these folks at “Egnoscenti” via a Blog Post: “Whats Your Twitter Personality.” But, many just think this is all the digital DNA Twitter has………(sadly).

8) Many see Twitter as a broadcast stream only. It’s not, far from it - it’s a viable forum for engaging, granted can be challenging at times dealing with folks with classical attention deficit disorder symptoms,  but you can get traction if you are persistent and creative.

9) Finally, most don’t think of Twitter as a Newsstream, Competitive Analysis & Intelligence tool, Market Research and “finger on the pulse” of vibrant markets tool par excellance. Twitter marketing takes time but it will deliver this capability if you embrace the “digital beast” - although it’s like grabbing a 220 volt line and holding on!!

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