Worst Portal Design: Yahoo vs. MSNBC

We can’t decide which major portal has the worst Interface Design Yahoo or MSNBC’s latest updated design.

At least the MSNBC index page is not as bad as the interior pages. The latter have perhaps the greatest mashup of Content we’ve ever seen - Ads, Social Bookmarking and Text and Video Content are all squashed together with (count them!) four rows of Universal Menus at the top of the page and bottom.

And, just to make sure the visitor is overloaded with data they’ve added a “More From MSNBC” Section at the bottom of most major pages. The whole site is sensory overload at it’s worst - it’s the digital version of a Lady Gaga design! Toss this design out and start over!

Yahoo’s Days of Yesteryear

Yahoo’s design is now as ancient as an Atari game console! It’s time for a much needed makeover of Yahoo’s index and interior pages - Yahoo has had this Directory look since the .com days on their index page. It’s crying for a dramatic makeover as befits a portal with this much great digital DNA.

What’s the deal with the links from the index page into other Yahoo properties?  Their is no design continuity at all among most of these island sites.

Your looking at a textual directory site one minute with random images and ads - one click in an your looking at a web property Yahoo has either bought or created. with an entirely different menu, user interface, social media enablers, etc. New meaning for dazed and confused!

Our vote for the worst site from a visitor’s perspective - a dead heat! It’s like comparing being told you have jury duty to getting that postcard from your dentist letting you know it’s time to come in for a checkup…….