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Facebook Ads Not Social Media Marketing

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Facebook is emerging the 500 pound marketing gorilla no marketer, company or brand worth their salt can ignore when deploying a social media marketing campaign.

But, it’s painful to see so many marketers and brands relying solely on Facebook Quizzes, Contest, Sweepstakes and Sign Up Forms as a substitute for a comprehensive social

What’s Your Twitter Personality?

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The mere mention of Twitter, depending on the company you keep, can elicit groans, fist bumps, diatribes, etc. - it’s become a cultural Tsunami, whether you like it or not. So, love it or leave it, our take on the personality types found on Twitter, segueing from the bottom of the Twitter food chain up to the top.

Yahoo is Going Down Like the Titanic!

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Can’t believe what’s happening to Yahoo - the once storied, shining star of the web. Apparently they’ve retained Goldman Sachs this week to fight off the circling pool of predators, including AOL and a hedge fund or two.

Just think a few years ago Microsoft was prepared to pay $47.5 Billion but

Content is Everywhere and Anything

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Let’s start off with a short power definition of content. “Compelling images, videos and text that resonates with your target audience in a meaningful way.”

That’s a narrow definition; but, if you map your content strategy to this very focused description it will generate responses that are