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We are all living in a world of content saturation: text, videos, Tweets, images, updates, texting ad nauseum! Your challenge is to make your brand engage and reverberate, if you are to have any success in this always on chart topping focused content world!

How to make your Content Stand Out above the Digital Din:

  • Be authentic - let the world know what your about and/or what your company stands for. 

  • Don’t be overly aggressive in promoting goods and services; subtlety slip these in. 

  • Become our brand’s version of Walt Disney - people love a good story and integrating a subtle product or customer success story in it, if artfully done, is cool. 

  • Convey implicit value in your content strategy - your customers are looking for valuable insights. 

  • Engage with your audience. This will empower your overall content and make it stand out. 

  • Crowd source your content when/where you can. Ask for feedback and be prepared to listen to it. 

  • Leverage the Power of Words to make your content stand out: New, Save, Guaranteed, Discover, Health, Results!! 

Now let’s focus on a Content Syndication Strategy:

  • Who is a thought leader or in your market and where do they get published? To identify a viable thought leader try Peer Index or Klout to come up with worthy candidates and then back track into their social stream to ascertain where these high fliers are getting published. 

  • Think of the new crop of social network/Q&A sites like Focus or Quora and the better established LinkedIn Groups as fertile ground to make your brand shine. Articulate well and dazzle em with high quality content. 

  • Live Social - Twitter, Facebook, SlideShare, Yelp (review that local hot bistro, maybe Steve eats their too), LinkedIn are all hot spots for content syndication and promotion. 

  • Get a guest blogger, author or poster to dive into your content stream to amplify or augment your content flow. Everybody wants to be a star right? You’ve got a content home waiting for them. 

  • Leave some content bread crumbs behind on high visibility blog or media sites - make a sizzling post that leads the masses back to your content outpost. Be lively but not loquacious. 

  • Be everywhere your target market is. Dive into your market and follow your customers via the social stream and ascertain where they live, play, eat, sleep and breath (the last one may be difficult). Find, follow and engage with your ever present content flow. 

Your content syndication strategy: think it, say it/write it/publish it - replicate it! Need help with your content strategy then click and talk to me or comment below. Love to connect………

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